Fitness Meets Balanced Nutrition

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Meet Lily

Lily has  followed her dream of living in a warmer climate and relocated to the Scottsdale Arizona area as of June 2014.

She continues to provide a high level of services through in home personal training, corporate wellness programs,  outdoor bootcamps, online coaching, TRX and yoga sessions.

Lily is located in Scottsdale at 11291 E. Via Linda Scottsdale AZ 85259 working within and with the owners of Mostro Fitness Studio. For studio details please click HERE 

Since living in Arizona she has also developed a deep love of hiking and incorporates this into her strength and cardiovascular training programming for both individuals and small groups.

Looking for an experienced wellness coach who can help you with all aspects of your desire to live a healthier lifestyle? Lily is the right choice! She combines her love of personal training and helping others with a complete 6 (or) 12 week nutritional plan.

Contact Lily today @ 717-991-5853 for your complimentary fitness consultation!

Keep reaching for those goals and speak them into reality!


Lily Brezler is a nationally certified Personal Trainer through ACE, American Council on Exercise.  Lily has been actively coaching for over 14 years and a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years. She combines her vast experience with a passion for helping others to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.


Lily has experience training and working with student athletes all the way through to senior citizens.


Some things she utilizes in her coaching include:

• Strength/resistance training

• Online Virtual Personal Training & Coaching

•Functional Program Design

• Nutritional guidance/programming

• TRX® Suspension Trainer & TRX Sports Medicine Certification

• Functional and Physiological health assessments, including body composition testing

• Sports training & conditioning


She also hold her CPR and AED certification through the American Heart Association, is certified in Power Plate Acceleration Training and is a Certified  Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor though YogaFit®.

My Story:

I have always been a very active individual. In fact I have always found it hard to sit still.  I have enjoyed a variety of activities over the years from playing basketball and kickball with the neighborhood boys growing up, to biking, soccer, running and playing tennis with my husband.  

It was after high school that I discovered my love for weight/resistance training. Although I have taught many group fitness classes over the years my first love has always been with the weight room. Yes I was the girl who lifted with “the boys” when women still felt we were going to “bulk up” by doing so.

Flash forward about 10-15 years of life- new husband, new home, new responsibilities.  Through it all, I can honestly say I have been pretty consistent with my workouts. I have always tried to make healthy food choices and enjoy my temptations of pizza and wine in moderation. Despite all of my efforts I was still continuing to struggle with weight gain with every passing year. To add fuel to the fire my husband and I had struggled with infertility for many years and I underwent numerous hormonal treatments. This only exasperated my physical and emotional well being and my weight continued to climb. I was also horrified to find out that I was pre-diabetic. I have always thought of myself as a fit and active individual.

Of course we all know that work/life balance can get in the way as well. I was putting in 40+ hours per week at my Corporate Human Resources job and on some Pennsylvania winter nights, even I, could come up with the best excuses in the book as to why I did not feel like working out. 

I have always had a strong desire to help others and had always dreamed of owning my own business.

It was then that I thought -what would I do if I could work for myself and help other people to realize their full potential? It was then that my vision of Bodies by Brezler™ was born!

I was introduced to TRX Suspension Training® by my very dear friend, Brenda Hoover, at Absolute Wellness Group and became certified to teach on the TRX. TRX Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise.  You work all your major muscle groups including core, and flexibility in 45 minutes!

Flash forward again, and it's been almost 8 years years since I have owned and operated my very own Personal Training, Yoga and Wellness studio.

I also offer private personal training sessions for those who may feel intimidated by a  studio/gym environment. 

I am looking forward to sharing my many years of experience with our community. I have been blessed with many opportunities to learn and grow from in my own personal journey and my hope is that I can help others to realize the same.

Whether your goal is to take a walk every day, make better food choices, have more energy to play with the kids/grandkids or run a marathon-please give me a call. The only thing you risk losing is body fat, stress, and the same excuses I am all to familiar with. The gains, however, could last for a lifetime..

In good  health,



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