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Nutritional Support

Have you heard of that Crazy WRAP thing? Well I was introduced to it a little over a year ago and trust me as 20+ year hard working fitness professional I was skeptical. I decided to give it a try because as a trainer and wellness coach I am always looking to bring new options to my clients in their wellness journey. The company branding was genius because guess what? IT Works!® I would never put my name on a product that I have never personally tried. 

The claim is that it tightens tones and firms in as little as 45 minutes? TRUE! 

Reduces the appearance of cellulite? TRUE! 

Do the results last? YES- results improve over a 72 hour period to tighten and tone the skin. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle help prolong the effects of the product! SOLD!

I am a big believer in eating healthy and working out but most of the general population is not getting enough daily nutrients through the food that they consume. Supplementation through vitamins and minerals are a piece of the puzzle that many people are missing. I view this “crazy wrap thing” as another piece of that supplemental puzzle! As well as offering the wraps I am also proud to offer their line of premium supplements.  Add the wraps and other supplements to your wellness plan for progressive and lasting results!

Click HERE to visit the online store and learn more about becoming one of my loyal customers! Or purchase product in the studio!

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Of course, as a fitness professional, I had to do my research on the ingredients in the wraps and other products. Below is a review of the wraps active ingredients. Happy reading and as always contact me directly with any questions!

Ever heard of a Horse Chestnut? It is an actual nut that comes from a Horse-Chestnut Tree, also known as a Conker Tree.  The “proper” name for the tree is called, Aesculus Hippocastanum. These trees are mostly found amongst streets and parks in topical and polar regions around the world. The nut that comes from the tree is a where the tree gets its “slang” name, horse chestnut. The horse chestnut has been studied by researchers and found to have amazing benefits to offer us!

The Horse Chestnut contains what’s called, Aescin. This is one of its active ingredients which is a mixture of things, including antioxidants! The antioxidant properties offer us protection from free radical damage and nourish our skin, improving skin tone. It is also cleansing and moisturizing to the skin and gives us a natural healthy glow, by increasing blood flow and bringing in more oxygen. The Horse Chestnut also is an astringent, anti-inflammatory, and reduces capillary leakage! One reason cellulite is formed is because of fluid leakage from small capillaries. Being this reduces capillary leakage, it therefore reduces the formation of cellulite! Amazingly, it improves connective tissue integrity, to improve cellulite prone skin as well. It has also been used in the medical world for its medicinal purposes including: vascular protection, varicose veins, spider veins, chronic leg edema, and more.

Researchers have seen when Horse Chestnut is used in combination with another ingredient called Centella Asiatica (an herb plant, which grows in swampy areas), that the two together have major cellulite reduction benefits.

In fact, these are the only two that they have been known to show vast improvements.  Centella Asiatica also helps to speed up the elimination of toxins in the body and also can help aide in needed weight loss.

I am proud to announce the full line of  IT WORKS® Nutritional Support Products!

  Click HERE to view ingredients on the complete product line that is also available for purchase in studio!

I recommend these products in conjunctions with my 12 week nutritional coaching plan to help you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals! 

* Please consult your physician before adding and supplementation to your wellness plan
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