Fitness Meets Balanced Nutrition

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Wellness / Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching & support that lasts a lifetime:

Join me for a journey of nutritional education and support. 6 and/or 12 week program designed to target the loss of body fat. I will work with you to learn how to eat in a way that allows your body to utilize body fat for energy.  You may have heard that muscle weighs twice as much as body fat.  Our main focus and time spent working together will NOT be focused on external factors such as weight loss and muscle definition. We will be focusing on internal factors like stress management, feeling less fatigued and having more energy. We will focus on changing how you think and feel about food and the nutrients that supply our bodies with the nutrition that allows us to MOVE! Together we will set realistic goals that you can live with. Muscle dictates metabolism! At the very least the end result will be a healthier lifestyle.

I will teach you how to choose healthy balanced meals, understand labels, manage stress, and create appropriate exercise based on your goals.

Each week we will spend 45-60 minutes together in education and review sessions. Some examples of what to expect in our weekly sessions include; 

1-Setting attainable goals & identifying potential obstacles

2-Charting your progress (complimentary health assessment included)

3-Behavior Modification- replacing old behaviors with new ones through the help of journaling.

4- Learning how to read labels (includes trip to grocery store)

5-Creative low glycemic recipes ideas and kitchen basics to help you banish boredom and get through those inevitable plateaus.

6- Exercise, strength and flexibility basics.

Last, but not least, you will have my dedicated support to help you throughout the entire process! You deserve to be fit, healthy and happy!


6 weeks to healthy lifestyle package investment : $350.00*.

12 weeks to a healthy lifestyle package investment: $600.00

"Buddy System": Work through the system with the support and accountability factor of 1 or a few friends and get special GROUP DISCOUNTS! 

 *Includes complete starter/support kit- IDaily Journal, Gylcemic Food Guide, DVD instructional videos,weight management booklet,  and a few “extras” to get you started on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. $125.00 VALUE

Client Testimonials: 

A good 12 weeks

"Lily is a great coach. Her support throughout the 12 weeks of The Transitions Program kept me on track.This is a sensible and educational approach to changing eating habits. I am extremely pleased with my results_increased energy, dropped 2 to 3 clothing sizes, in general improved health and well being. To achieve success it required discipline, focus, accountability and commitment. The value supercedes the work! I am proof that you can make changes in your eating habits and actually lose weight at any age. Thanks Lily."-Joan_

JOAN Before TLS: 

Joan After TLS:      21 Pounds, 26.5 inches and 3% body fat lost!!!


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